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Questionnaire for the Education Volunteer

SpaceIL strives to leverage the unprecedented achievement in the field of space and Israeli entrepreneurship and to continue to inspire Israeli children to become the next generation of dreamers and entrepreneurs. 
The educational activity would not have been possible without the enormous contribution of the Organization’s team of volunteers.  Our volunteers visit schools across the country, giving lectures about the story of Israel’s first spacecraft. 
They have reached a million Israeli pupils and awakened their scientific curiosity, sparked their imagination and dreams and provided professional and reliable knowledge about the organization’s scientific mission.   
Additionally, our team of volunteers also lectures before an adult population at various events and represents us at conferences. 
In short – They are SpaceIL’s ambassadors with the public at large!  

Currently, we are beginning another round of recruitment of volunteers and we invite you to submit your candidacy to join this select team. 
This role is suitable to anyone seeking a way to give back to society and to contribute to Israel’s future/ people who consider themselves educators by nature / people with experience in speaking in front of an audience and in instruction / people with technological background.  If you meet at least one of these criteria, this position is for you!  (**For both men and women**)

תודה רבה! נחזור אליך בהקדם

We would appreciate if you could answer a few questions in order for us to get to know you better. 

What do you do?
מהו הרקע המקצועי שלך?

Personal Information

רקע אישי

רקע מקצועי

כמה הרצאות את/ה יכול/ה להעביר בחודש? (אורך ההרצאה בין שעה לשעה וחצי) *
באיזה ימים תוכל להעביר הרצאות?

תדירות ההתנדבות

צרפו קורות חיים
Upload video

In order to improve the training process, please submit a video, in which  you lecture for 2 min. on a topic of your choice.

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