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The Parasol Foundation Women in SpaceIL Program

About The Parasol Foundation

The Parasol Foundation Trust is the philanthropic division of Parasol International and Ruth Parasol and family. The Trust was established in Gibraltar in 2004 and since then it has given over £30,000,000  for health, heritage and education grants in Gibraltar, UK, Israel, India, US, Spain and elsewhere.

Ruth Parasol is known as its Principal Benefactress giving much of her time as a Trustee Director, guiding grant making, continuing to fund the Trust with her additional money and her private family office providing administrative and investment support.

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The Parasol Foundation Women in SpaceIL Program aims to create a female legacy in space engineering and motivate the next generation of women to choose a career in space. 

​The Parasol Foundation Women in SpaceIL Program is working to advance women’s participation in space, science, and technology and creates better opportunities for learning, development, and success. 

​As part of the program, female engineers and graduates of relevant fields of engineering will take part in the development of the Beresheet2 spacecraft and scholarships will be granted to female graduates to further their research in Space field. 

Participating fellows will join a prestigious network of inspiring female peers and mentors invested in their success. 

The Parasol Foundation Women in SpaceIL  Program will support 3 different roles : 

  • Beresheet2 Engineers :  A fellowship for a two year fulltime salaried position at SpaceIL working on the  Beresheet2 mission. This position is for you if you are completing your first degree in a relevant field or if you are a female engineer in the early stages of your career and you wish to progress in the Space Field.  Position begins July 2022. 

  • Academic Scholars : A two to three year academic grant to help fund living and research expenses. This position is for you if you are pursuing an advanced degree (PhD or Masters) at an Israeli academic institution and researching space related problems. Joining the program will provide you opportunities to position yourself in the Israeli space-ecosystem and the chance to build strong relationships with mentors in the field.  

  • Postdoctoral Researchers :   A year and a half research grant. This position is for you if you are pursuing academic research in space related fields and have completed at least one degree at an Israeli academic institution. Joining the program will provide you with better opportunities for professional and learning development.

Program Parasol Foundation Women in SpaceIL Fellows will:  

- Receive a sustainable grant to support their work and research. 

- Participate in an annual event with Parasol Foundation and SpaceIL senior teams.  

- Join a network of inspiring female peers and mentors invested in their success. 

- Promote their work through the Parasol & SpaceIL network . 

- Have the opportunity to participate in interviews promoting their work and the program on program websites and social media. 


The Parasol Foundation Women in SpaceIL Fellows are required to: 

- Provide regular updates to the Parasol foundation and SpaceIL regarding their research. 

- Recognize the Parasol Foundation's support in any published research papers, presentations, interviews, lectures, seminars, and speaker events that they may attend. 

- Mention their participation in the program on professional correspondences.

** This program is open to female students and professionals with Israeli citizenship aiming to focus their career in space research and/or the Israeli space industry.

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Submission deadline : 28/02/2022.