Chairman Morris Kahn

Morris Kahn was born in South Africa in 1930 and made Aliyah in 1957.  Morris and his partners established Israel’s “Yellow Pages”. He founded some of Israel’s leading communication and hi-tech companies, including Amdocs, Golden Channels and AIG (Israel). As an avid diver (and member of the Sea Space Symposium), his passion for the sea and its preservation led him to establish Coral World – an international company managing several underwater observatories.  He created “Zalul”, a non-profit foundation that works to clean and preserve Israel’s rivers and the ocean. Morris is involved in wide range of philanthropic activity focusing on education, leadership, health, science and environment. His vision and deep commitment to changing paradigms is represented in his support of many meaningful projects collectively aimed at making the world a better place for generations to come. He takes great pride in the Youth Leadership Program -LEAD – which will develop the future generations of leaders.