“Out of This World”: English Speaking High School Students to Research and Learn about Space

Marking Israel’s 70th anniversary, a unique initiative, shared by SpaceIL, has been launched in English study in Israeli schools. High school students from the Jewish and Arab sectors work in mixed groups and together research topics dealing with space, with the learning taking place in the English language. During the course of the 2017/18 school year, 1,245 students from 40 schools throughout the country are expected to participate in the program.

The initiative, supported by the Ministry of Education’s Central District Supervisor for English studies, draws its inspiration from the story of SpaceIL and the mission of landing the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon. The activity will take place over the course of several months, with the students choosing a specific topic dealing with space, which is of particular interest to them. They will then proceed to research their chosen topic at depth, and submit a final essay. Their chosen topic will also be the one they will be tested on in their oral matriculation examination in English.

The program was launched on October 17, 2017 within the framework of an exciting event held on the Google campus, and was attended by 50 teachers. Kfir Damri, SpaceIL founder and partner, delivered an inspiring lecture that encouraged the participants’ interest in space and in innovation.


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