The Ministry of Science and Technology increases its investment in SpaceIL

We are happy and proud to announce that the Israel Space Agency, at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, will invest NIS 7.5 million in the next 2 years in the technological-educational SpaceIL project, as announced by Minister Ofir Akunis.

We thank Minister Akunis for his decision and support, and for advancing the project that will land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon. We are continuing to invest all our efforts to reach the moon and secure Israel’s position alongside the three superpowers that have already planted their flags on its surface.

The SpaceIL project was initiated in 2011 by three young engineers who dreamed of reaching the moon. Today, in 2017, we are making this dream a reality, and are in the advanced stages of assembling our spacecraft. We plan to launch from Cape Canaveral in the USA in 2018, on a SpaceX rocket, with our control center operating in Israel.

The project, which is being executed in collaboration with Israel Aerospace Industries, is of immense importance to the State of Israel, and to the Jewish people as a whole. Its goal, in addition to landing our spacecraft on the moon, is to advance scientific and technological education among Israel’s young generation and thus reinforce the country’s position as the startup nation.

To the moon and beyond!

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