SpaceIL spacecraft lands at Google Zeitgeist 2016

Last week Morris, SpaceIL CEO Eran Privman was honored to participate and present SpaceIL at the Zeitgeist conference in Arizona, together with chairman Morris Kahn.

Zeitgeist is Google’s two day think-fest – “one of the most high-powered gatherings of business leaders, thinkers and those that are considered to generally shape the global future”.

Privman participated in a panel with Peter Diamandis the founder of XPRIZE foundation and the Singularity University, Chanda Gonzales Mowrer senior manager of GLXP, and Bob Richards the CEO of Moon Express.

This was a great opportunity to introduce the first Israeli spacecraft to the Moon to a big audience of public opinion leaders, and to the decisions makers in Google and XPRIZE. This was an important milestone on our way to the Moon.

Outside the conference hall, we got a chance to present our spacecraft model in a special “sand-box” exhibition, alongside other teams’ rovers. Our system engineer Tomer Klein talked to the visitors and told them about the spacecraft.


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