On the way to space we made a stop at the UN!

Sari Brosh-Rechav, our VP Education, presented our unique project to land a spacecraft on the moon, as well as our educational objectives, to the delegates of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS).

COPUOS is the main international body dealing with space, and is based in Vienna. The Committee was established in 1958 at the initiative of the USA, as an ad-hoc committee, and in 1959, with the support of the Soviet Union, became a permanent committee. Its resolutions are reached in consensus. The committee members include delegates from 84 countries, as well as a large number of organizations and countries with spectator status.

Sari was invited as the Israeli representative of the Israel Space Agency, to present the SpaceIL non-profit organization’s educational achievements. The session dealt with the peaceful uses of outer space, which are intended to advance peace.

In her speech, Sari presented SpaceIL’s goals and explained that our goal is to create a new Apollo effect in Israel: to encourage Israel’s next generation to choose science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); to change their perception of these fields; and to generate a sense of capability among the boys and girls. In other words – to encourage them to dream big, even in our small country. For many, this opportunity is a dream.

“Entering the hall, and the occasion itself, were very exciting and moving. During the speech, I was very focused and less nervous,” Sari shared.

The speech at the UN committee was very significant, due to its large exposure. “I hope that the speech will make other countries see Israel as a country that promotes space exploration for the purpose of advancing science and technology in general, and scientific education in particular,” Sari said.

Sari’s speech was extremely well received and aroused much excitement: “Delegates of various countries approached me, mainly to discuss education, and asked for materials about our various educational programs,” she added.


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