Introducing SpaceIL’s Transceiver

After a year long development, we are proud to present to you SpaceIL’s transceiver

A year ago, a contract was signed with the American company Space Micro for the development of radio device, which will enable communication with the spacecraft on its way to the Moon.

We followed-up the process in several milestones since. 6 months later, in March 2015, an engineering design review was successfully completed and the assembly of its components began.

Now the work has been completed and we are proud to present to you the complete transceiver device, which is responsible for the challenging task of sending data back to Earth.

Building the spacecraft is a bit like assembling a puzzle: The process of developing and manufacturing the different components and the mission-critical systems of the spacecraft is being completed piece by piece. In addition to the transceiver, other components started to arrive at the SpaceIL integration lab recently. For example: The IMU, a major electronic component in the spacecraft’s navigation system. Gradually and Eventually, all the pieces of this ‘puzzle’ will be integrated together into the first Israeli spacecraft to the Moon!

In the picture: SpaceIL Transceiver


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