How to raise young scientists at home?

For Israel Science Day, SpaceIL VP of Education, Ayelet Weizman, advices some tips to nurture young scientists at home

Every game in the playground is a fascinating lesson in physics. Dr. Ayelet Weizman, VP of Education at SpaceIL nonprofit, which aims to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the Moon, says that the simplest games can become a source for understanding for scientific principles, ‘In kindergarten age, you can start using the playground for the young space engineer trainings”.

When the kids jump from height to the sandbox, you can measure the variable crater size generated in the sand when jumping from different heights, to illustrate the meteorites impact on the Moon’s surface. You can teach your kid the principles of physics and aeronautics by timing and comparing the fall of objects in different sizes and shapes, or to rotate the swing around itself and then let the kid spin in it (under an adult supervision). You can examine together what happens to the child who sits on the axis of the carousel, when the other kids turn around and simulate the principle of moving bodies in Space – the child remains in place, like the North Star above the Earth’s axis. The kid is not just rampant, he/she is on the way to become an astronaut”.

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