Shaking with excitement: The spacecraft undergoes vibration tests

In June 2018 a series of environmental tests was conducted at the IAI MABAT plant, referred to in the professional jargon as a “static loading and sinus vibrations tests.” During the tests the spacecraft is installed on a vibration generating device, which simulates the level of vibrations that the spacecraft is expected to endure during the launch. The purpose of the vibration tests is to ensure that the spacecraft’s structure and its subsystems will withstand the launch conditions.
A structural model of the spacecraft was situated on the vibration generator. This model is identical to the actual spacecraft, with mechanical models of the various systems installed on it. This model is intended for tests, but not for the actual journey to the moon. The vibrations were generated along 3 axes. Additionally, the expected level of vibrations of each of the spacecraft’s units was also tested, as well as structural distortions.
The test results proved that the spacecraft’s structure met the requirements, and that the level of vibrations that the spacecraft’s systems will endure are within the acceptable range.
The next step will be to carry out the environmental tests on the spacecraft itself.

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