It IS a drill: Conducting exercises in the control room

In recent months the control room at IAI MABAT plant has been converted and adapted to meet the needs of SpaceIL’s mission. Additionally, communication infrastructure has been established with the Ground Station Network (GSN), which its center is located in Sweden. The GSN provides transmission and reception services from antennas distributed around the globe.
Starting in June 2018, the control team began conducting a series of exercises and scenarios in the control room. The purpose of these exercises is to conduct “dry runs”, to verify scenarios and to improve the teamwork in preparation for the “real thing.” During the course of the exercises all systems that support the mission throughout its duration undergo systemic integration. The exercises are conducted in accordance with procedures that have been written by the system engineering team and several dedicated experts, and have been in advanced checked by the testing & integration team. The exercises are carried out using the spacecraft simulator, which simulates the receipt and transmission of commands. The training are expected to continue over a period of several months until few days prior to the Launch.
Within the framework of the exercises we execute nominal and essential simulation scenarios, verify our methods of operation and improve our teamwork.

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