Recalculating Route: The plan of spacecraft’s trajectory has been completed

During the last quarter, the engineering team completed the plan of the spacecraft’s orbits, including all the maneuvers that will take it from an orbit around Earth to an orbit around the moon.
To leave Earth’s atmosphere, the spacecraft will take a ride to the moon on a huge commercial rocket – SpaceX’s Falcon 9. After seperation from the launch rocket, it will enter an orbit around Earth. Once it completes few orbits, at a precise point in time, it will begin its journey to the moon. The entire journey to the moon is expected to last about 2.5 months from launch to landing. While, orbiting the moon is expected to last for a period of between t wo weeks and a month, until it reaches the right time for landing.
In addition to preparing the plan of the spacecraft’s trajectory, we selected the main landing site on the moon’s surface – one with the optimal conditions for a safe landing. Secondary landing sites has also been chosen.

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