Flying to the Moon: Flight Test as a Preparation to the Moon Mission

In June 2018, a flight test was carried out in the skies above southern Israel, to test the landing sensor. The main purpose of the flight test was to verify the landing sensor’s capabilities in conditions that are closer to those of the mission – at greater distances and velocities than those that were possible in the crane test executed in the previous month.
Within the framework of the test, the landing sensor and other sensors were installed on a light aircraft, which carried out ‘sorties’ (different test rounds), based on predefined scenarios, while the measurements of all the sensors were continuously recorded. In this test as well, initial analysis was carried out in the field, followed by more in-depth analysis later.
The landing sensor, which underwent improvement resulting from the measurements taken in previous tests, demonstrated capabilities at the level required for the mission to the moon. This means that the spacecraft’s performance is progressing in the right direction, and that we can now focus on polishing and stabilizing this performance.

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