Water in Space Special for Shavuot

The jewish holiday of Shavuot has been also celebrate as a water festival, and it made us think: What happens to water in conditions of microgravity in space? How does it look like the International Space Station?

It is interesting to see how fluids behave in a situation where there is no gravity, or, to be more accurate, a constant state of free fall. This physical condition is called Microgravity, an environment of a moving spaceship around the Earth, such as the International Space Station. Everything inside in the space shuttle is in a constant state of free fall, which allows micro-gravity conditions.

  • waterinspaceWater in space look like floating balls of liquid inside the space station, as opposed to its liquid state on Earth. Watch
  • Check out this video of water experiments in space
  • And here’s another one
  • This is how it all looks like in a 3D video!
  • And look what happens when astronauts put their Go Pro camera inside water in space!
  • And what about squeezing out the water from a wet towel in conditions of microgravity? The water cover your hands like a gel and stays there, while the rag stays wet. Watch
  • Did you wonder what happens to tears when we cry in space? Well, apparently you can cry in space. The tears come out of eyes, but the tears can’t fall!
  • Have you ever thought how astronauts wash their hair in space? The little balls of water float away from your hairs and you have to use a towel to absorb the soap
  • And what about a liquid other than water? Recently, it has become popular to consume dairy products on Shavuot. Here is a mythological Tnuva Video Ad which demonstrates the behavior of milk in space. You can see that like water, milk also floats as little, white balls of liquid. The commercial was created in the summer of 1997 in the Soviet Space Station. It was reported all over the world about the first ever commercial in space for Israeli milk, and it made it into the Guinness Book of Records.

Happy Shavuot!

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