The journey to the Moon of the Holon Institute of Technology students

Two Students from HIT chose to dedicate their finals project to SpaceIL’s journey to the Moon

About a year ago, our Education team was approached by two creative students from HIT (Holon Institute of Technology)- Department of Educational Technologies: Adi Mann and Shir Hazan. They pitched us the idea of developing an App of a game about the first Israeli spacecraft to the Moon, as their Finals Project. Our education team was happy about the initiative, which takes us one step further in promoting science and Sciences and Technology in Israel.

With our blessing and guidance, they started to created an application of a game called: “A Journey to the Moon”. The application, which includes illustrated videos, questions and puzzles about our spacecraft, takes the user on a virtual journey to the moon.This week, they presented the final result in a festive closing event of their B.A studies. Judging based on the good work they did with the app, we believe they have a bright future in the field ahead of them!

The application will be launched soon in various of science museums across Israel and in events for wide audiences and visitors (eg – Israeli Space Week, Science Education week at the Weizmann Institute of Science, etc.). So the next time you meet us, download the “Journey to the Moon” app by SpaceIL!


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