SpaceIL Conducts a Successful Workshop for Physics Teachers

SpaceIL’s education team has conducted a successful workshop for physics teachers, who teach in middle schools as part of the Science Technology Reserves program . The workshop, which took place in Shlomi at the north of Israel, is the first in a series of workshops within the framework of training by the Science and Technology division of Ministry of Education.

As part of the workshop, teachers were exposed to some authentic challenges which Team SpaceIL engineers are facing as part of the design of the first Israeli spacecraft. The teachers were asked to raise research questions and went through a whole process of solving a real scientific and technological problem.

Activity has been highly successful and combined an experience of learning and fun together, according to the feedbacks from the teachers: “You did a wonderful job, we learned a lot of new things about scientific inquiry and we got very interesting information regarding space and your spacecraft. The process you went us through was very engaging and we enjoyed from it greatly. Thank you very much!”


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