SpaceIL announces a new strategic partnership on its way to the Moon

SpaceIL and Schulich Leader Scholarships of Israel announce a new cooperation for promoting STEM education in Israel

Together with SpaceIL, Schulich Leader Scholarships of Israel will work to share the SpaceIL story with as many school children in Israel as possible.  In addition, the two organizations will be co-creating a new set of SpaceIL curriculum, powered by Schulich Leader Scholarships of Israel.  The curriculum will be available for middle school classrooms and teachers across Israel for free – to excite their classes about science, space, and dreams. The curriculum will be used as enrichment material, to compliment the SpaceIL lectures.

“Schulich Leader Scholarships of Israel is excited to partner with SpaceIL to strengthen the STEM education system in Israel.  Together, we’ll use Israel’s amazing journey to the Moon to encourage students across Israel to pursue engineering and science.  This program will strengthen students’ interest in STEM and encourage them to pursue these degrees in higher education to broaden their dreams”, said Mr. Seymour Schulich, founder of Schulich Leader Scholarships of Israel.

Education Volunteers Training No. 8: January 15, 2015

20 of Schulich Leader Scholarships of Israel scholars have joined the volunteers of SpaceIL as part of the education team, after being trained to become Community Lecturers. This training was part of the cooperation between the Canadian Foundation, which provides scholarships for Israeli students in science, engineering, technology and mathematics, and the Israeli nonprofit SpaceIL, which is working to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the Moon.

Thanks to the Schulich volunteers who have joined the education team of SpaceIL, we will be able to reach wider audiences in Israel, to stress the importance of promoting science and technology for the future of the country and the Israeli society. We are happy to work together to intrigue the the younger generation, to encourage their curiosity and motivation to engage in these exciting fields.

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In the picture: members of Schulich Leader Scholarships of Israel in the Education Volunteers Training. Picture: Alon Hadar

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