Sloshing Workshop for Physics Teachers

Physics teachers from the scientific-technological leadership reserve participated in a special workshop by our Education staff, in collaboration with a team of IAI’s MBT Space Factory

A two-day training for physics teachers from the Scientific-Technological Leadership Reserve at the Ministry of Education, started yesterday (November 1, 2015). Teachers from all over Israel: From Kiryat Tivon in the north to Dimona in the south, arrived at a town called Shlomi in the north of Israel, to take part in the training.

The first day of the seminar was dedicated to exploration and problem solving in the field of space technology.

They participated in a practical workshop, by our education staff, in collaboration with the people of MBT space factory of IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries). In the workshop,  the teachers were asked to deal with a real problem from the satellites field, which challenges our engineers in designing our spacecraft: Sloshing of fuel in the fuel tanks.

The teachers rolled up their sleeves and accepted the challenge. They defined the problem, formulated a research question, set variables and found solutions. After the training is over, the teachers will return to their physics classes and pass on the challenge to the students.


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