Paying it Forward: Students Teaching Students

They Say the Best Way to Learn is by Teaching Others

In a new educational partnership between SpaceIL and ORT Israel’s Educational Network, we are training 160 physics students over the course of the year, who serve as counselors to 9th grade students in a physics & space program.  The teaching is conducted in a fun and enjoyable environment with experiments and opportunities to learn-by-doing.  Good luck to them!

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Paying it Forward:  Students Teaching Students

SpaceIL is proud of our cooperation with leading academic institutions:  as part of our educational activities, students specializing in an array of different faculties go to schools across the country to teach about entrepreneurship, space and SpaceIL’s journey to the Moon with the goal of inspiring young students.  Recently, Rothschild Ambassadors have joined our effort, along with the community-involvement department of Tel Aviv University, IDC Herzylia and the Rupin Academic Center.


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