Omri Casspi & Shay Doron’s next Challenge: Basketball on the Moon

You’ve always thought about how sport will look like on the Moon?

Our children’s site – ‘Yaldaydot Hayare’ach’ (Moon Kids) – took on the task of demonstrating how different sports as we know them could look like… on the Moon! The physical conditions on the Moon are different, due to the of the lack of gravity. In the next video, for example, Basketball player Omri Casspi and Basketball player Shay Doron explain what they would not give up on if the game took place on the Moon and with what challenges they would be facing if there was a Basketball league on the Moon. For more videos in the series, visit our Moon Kids site! You can also watch Judoka Yardan Gerbi and Arik Zeevi and the challenges they would be facing in space.

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