SpaceIL featured in New York Post


Celebrate Israel Parade Special Edition! “SpaceIL gets to take an Israeli craft to the moon…” Read more here, page 4: NY Post, May 30, 2014 Read More

SpaceIL IndieGoGo campaign in VentureBeat


The moon’s about to get a bit more crowded with this new crowdfunding campaign “$240,000. That’s how much these folks need to launch Israel’s first lunar mission…” Read More> Read More

SpaceIL featured on Jerusalem Online


Join SpaceIL’s Mission to Land the First Israeli Spacecraft on the Moon “Help SpaceIL make history and inspire the next generation in Israel and around the world. We’re raising $240,000 – one dollar for every mile to the moon!…” Read more >   Read More

SpaceIL featured on The Times Technology


The Times Technology: Moon mission for £22m space hopper “When Apollo 11 touched down on the Moon, Neil Armstrong famously told Houston: “The Eagle has landed.”…” Read more> Read More

SpaceIL featured on PandoDaily


SpaceIL wants to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon and it might just pull it off “When Daniel Saat graduated from NYU last May, he had no idea where he’d land…” Read more> Read More