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Finding The Space To Invest: SpaceIL And Israel’s Place In The New Space Race Yesterday, we held a webcast as part of the OurCrowd Teach-In Tuesdays series on SpaceIL’s audacious vision to make history by landing the first Israeli” spacecraft on the moon (on a shoe-string budget)…” Watch and read more here> Read More

SpaceIL featured in Forbes


The Little Israeli Rocketship Gearing Up To Win $20 Million From Google “You could call it the little engine that could. Or better, the little rocketship that could…” Read More Read More

SpaceIL featured in Tech Faster


SpaceIL: Crowdfunding a Mission to the Moon “We have seen some pretty adventurous crowdfunding campaigns before, but most of these are destined to fail…” Read More Read More

SpaceIL featured in New Jersey Jewish Standard


Blue and white moon Israeli lunar mission makes stop in Paramus…” Read More Read More

SpaceIL featured in New York Post


Celebrate Israel Parade Special Edition! “SpaceIL gets to take an Israeli craft to the moon…” Read more here, page 4: NY Post, May 30, 2014 Read More