Education Plan


All Educational programs

Promoting Space, Science and Technology Studies

Investigative Study with the Ministry of Education and Davidson Institute

curriculum for 200 middle schools that focuses on science studies. These curriculum are  designed for students to learn through hands-on experiments. Currently, there are six subjects  under development: measuring distances in space, gravity independent mass measuring, free fall activity, measuring the speed of light, measurement and data transfer, and optimization of water  rockets.

Teachers Training (with Partnership with Ministry of Education)

Trainings for physics  teachers in which we teach them about SpaceIL’s engineering challenges and give them  materials to explore and research these challenges with their students.

Davidson Institute of Science Education

“Landing on the Moon” Series (with the Davidson Institute) 

Developing and deploying curriculum that will enable teachers to engage and inspire their students by exposing them to the  SpaceIL story and the different engineers working to design and build the spacecraft. The series  includes movies, presentations, worksheets, and teacher’s guidebooks.


“The Sky is Not the Limit” Course

in partnership with Israeli NGO Ta’asiyeda, we have  developed a long-term course on space entrepreneurship for fifth to eighth graders in 137 schools  across Israel.  Using SpaceIL as a case study, we teach the kids about the space industry and  space exploration, inspiring them to think about future business possibilities and inventions in  space.  The leading teams from across Israel will be invited to a national conference hosted by  SpaceIL. Our partnership will roll into future school years, with more and more schools across  Israel taking part.


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the iCenter

Israel Engagement Curriculum and Campaigns Abroad (with the iCenter)

In  partnership with this prominent, innovative US based educational nonprofit, we will be  running a series of Israel awareness educational campaigns across the US Jewish  community.  SpaceIL presents a wonderful opportunity to engage Jews around the  world with a new, innovative side of Israel. We plan to develop and distribute curriculum  to Jewish educators across the US and then expand to other global Jewish communities. The materials will be supported by an online website and campaigns to engage Jewish students to take part in SpaceIL’s effort.

BrainPOP Israel

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Educational Media

SpaceIL has been featured in a variety of interactive children’s media platforms, including: Educational TV, Yes!, Brainpop, Davidson Online, and the Children’s Channel in Israel.

STEM advocacy

SpaceIL interacts with teachers and education professionals from pre-school all the way through university.  We are working to connect them and to build a consortium of educational institutions that will lead to STEM education improvements in Israel.  We seek to build opportunities for kids to get excited about science and technology at every juncture of their academic journey.

National Educational Programs

SpaceIL is an active participant and presenter at Israel Space Week, Science Night, the Israeli Teacher Day, Israel Entrepreneur Week, roundtables, panels, and more.  At every step, we reach teachers, parents, and government officials.

Science Exhibits

SpaceIL is proud to exhibit our spacecraft, interactive presentations, and information about our program at the Israel National Museum of Science.  In 2014, we will be opening two new exhibits: the first in “Lunada,” a new interactive science museum in Beer Sheva; and second at the Clore Garden of Science at Weizmann Institute of Science.  Furthermore, in partnership with Israeli NGO MOONA, we are developing interactive exhibits at two science centers for children and families in the periphery.

Past programs

  • The President’s Program for Scientists and Inventors of the Future – a group of outstanding young scientists (aged 14-16) that conducted research to decide on the landing site of the spacecraft. Together with university professors and geologists, these gifted kids wrote research proposals which were reviewed by the SpaceIL team. The program was conducted as part of the Unit for Science Oriented Youth, established by Tel Aviv University.
  • Elta Dream Project – we taught a group of kids how to program a website that will receive live information from the spaceship during the mission. This information will be displayed in 3D and will follow the mission from launch to landing, displaying the whereabouts of the spacecraft at all times. The program was conducted in partnership with Elta Systems Ltd.
  • Project for the Advancement of Adolescent Girls in Ashdod – a group of ambitious girls have taken upon themselves to spread the word of SpaceIL throughout Ashdod, in order to encourage other girls to become involved in science and technology. These girls serve as role models, conducting various lectures in public schools and meeting with students on a regular basis. The project is in partnership with the Municipality of Ashdod’s Department of Education.

Schulich Leader Scholarships of Israel

Together with SpaceIL, Schulich Leader Scholarships of Israel will work to share the SpaceIL story with as many school children in Israel as possible. In addition, the two organizations will be co-creating a new set of SpaceIL curriculum, powered by Schulich Leader Scholarships of Israel. The curriculum will be available for middle school classrooms and teachers across Israel for free – toexcite their classes about science, space, and dreams. The curriculum will be used as enrichmentmaterial, to compliment the SpaceIL lectures.

Online lectures and activities

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