Milestones After testing the spacecraft’s navigation sensor in a rocket experiment conducted in 2011, and after completing several preliminary design reviews over the last three years to finalize the spacecraft’s design, SpaceIL is now moving from the design stage into full scale development. In December, 2013, SpaceIL purchased the largest and most significant part of the spacecraft: the propulsion system (the engine and the fuel tanks), which comprises 80% of the spacecraft. This is a huge milestone on the way to the moon.  A launch will be finalized in the first part of 2014.


Budget The estimated budget for the entire project, including overhead and education programs, is $36M, with $20M in cash and in-kind support already raised.

Launch Date The team is working to launch by the end of 2015, in accordance with the competition rules. However, none of the teams has finalized their launch date, and, given the project’s ambitious goal, there is speculation that the official deadline may move to mid-2016.